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Radex Detection is is a professional service company that offers Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) services for the detection of structural elements and defect identification within reinforced concrete. Operating since 2003, we provide highly accurate detection services using Xradar (dual-beam radar) technology, at a competitive rate.

All of our GPR Technicians are highly trained in scanning, surveying and data analysis to best serve your needs.  

Our technicians do not use a "grid" or "carpet" which allows us much greater precision and versatility for onsite scanning and surveying. Radex Detection can scan any structure (floor, wall, ceiling, beam, column, tight corners, etc.).

Having more than 35 years GPR industry experience, as well as issuing many industry publications and unique innovations, Radex Detection offers a fast, precise and reliable service which helps engineers, architects or contractors with the following:

  • Locating rebar within concrete (exact location, spacing, cover and diameter);
  • Locating any conduits within concrete and determining their characteristics (e.g. metal vs. PVC);
  • Locating any other objects within concrete (e.g. PT cables, beams, walls, "honeycombs", junction boxes, etc.);
  • Determine the thickness of concrete structures;
  • Determine the level of corrosion wihtin reinforcement in concrete;
  • Locate objects buried in the ground (tanks, pipes etc.); and
  • Corrosion and Void mapping by radar image analysis, with precision superior to the ASTM 6087 specifications.

We now have multiple offices across Canada, which includes Montreal, Quebec City and Ontario (Mississauga).

Our Team

Alex Tarussov

Founder & President

Marc Vandry

Vice President

MorGan Carman

General Manager

Evan Wright

Head GPR Technician

Kevin Bray

GPR Technician

Raphael Clavey

GPR Technician

Guido Tocci

Quebec City Manager

Neilly McCutcheon

Office Manager

Isaac LETT

GPR Technician (Ontario)


GPR Technician (Ontario)

Kyle olajorin

GPR Technician  (Ontario)

Tristan Villaroel

GPR Technician

Neervesh SunGum

GPR Technician

Simon Thorpe

GPR Technician  (Ontario)

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