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CHamplain Bridge

The new Champlain Bridge is a multi-year $4b project to join the island of Montreal to the South Shore. The bridges support legs are being constructed as pre-fabricated blocks off site. Radex Detection has been engaged as the sole GPR service provider to assess the structural integrity of these leg blocks which has included precision locating and measurement confirmation of internal cores within the blocks to pass Post-Tensioned cables.

Due to the thickness of the individual concrete blocks, this on-going project has required the use of both high-frequency GPR scanning and Ultrasonic Tomography assessment techniques.

Olympic Stadium

A significant restoration project is underway for Montreal’s Olympic Stadium. Radex Detection has specifically been engaged on an ongoing basis to use our Xradar techniques to locate key structural properties within the Stadium tower such as Post-Tensioned cables and Conduits.

This scanning service includes the marking of all identified objects on site for both damage prevention and identification of clear areas for the anchoring on new structural supports and aesthetic improvements.

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