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Concrete Scanning

Radex Detection has developed unique and innovative techniques in order to identify and map out reinforcement, conduits or corroded/void zones within concrete structures.

Our GPR data is collected quickly and subsequently analyzed with the help of our proprietary RadExpert software which is unique to Radex Detection. Benefits of our services include:

  • Fast – a cleared 2'x2' zone can be scanned in approximately 20 minutes;
  • Precise – our GPR methods have been verified and proven across many projects in which the concrete was repaired following our GPR scans; and
  • Non-Destructive – we leave no trace of our analysis on the site.

A report or drawing showing reinforcement, conduits, structural anomalies or corroded zones can then be produced and delivered to you the customer.

Structural scan

Radex Detection is able to scan large areas and produce rebar drawings which will help you study the carrying capacity of a concrete slab. We are able to produce precise drawings of rebar locations, cover measurements, diameters and slab thicknesses.

Radar scanning can be done on concrete slabs, beams, columns, walls, foundations or any other concrete structure.

Plans in any format (dwg, pdf, etc) can be quickly produced to show you:

  • Rebar spacings, cover, diameters and exact locations; 
  • Structure thicknesses; and
  • Presence of any anomalies (honeycombing, delamination, corrosion).

service locates

Radex Detection can locate all underground services -Interior or Exterior.

We use both GPR technology and Electro Magnetic indutuction in order to locate all public or private services within a work zone which may include:

  • Electrical conduits
  • Gas pipes
  • Telephone cables
  • Aqueducts
  • Water lines
  • Buried tanks

A plan showing the located utilities can be provided upon completion of our survey (if required).


Radex Detection has created methods to analyse concrete for corrosion and excels within this field. Using our proprietary software, we are able to create corrosion maps from the survey data which evidence corroded zones within the concrete structure. Our survey methods able to scan any concrete structure, which includes large scale locations such as roads, bridges or car parks.

Once again, our data collection methods for corrosion surveys are quick, precise and non-destructive when compared to other corrosion asssessment methods.