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In the last 10 years, ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) has changed the way the construction industry approaches scanning concrete. Today, GPR is the technology of choice for many leading construction companies to scan concrete, because, using non-harmful radio waves, GPR can deliver near X-ray accuracy at a fraction of the cost.

Now, there are many companies that offer radar scanning services, anyone can purchase a GPR system, but competent radar operators are rare. Numerous detection companies advertise "the magic of GPR scanning" on their websites, but what they do not tell customers is that off-the-shelf GPR systems can neither distinguish conduits from reinforcement, nor see conduits hidden under reinforcement bars. 

As a result, most operators simply guess that anything that runs diagonally to reinforcement bars or between reinforcement bar mats (mesh) is a conduit. Because of this guess work, on average, one in ten conduits goes undetected and can often be cut as a result. An error rate that is totally unacceptable.

Get the Picture With XradaR

Radex Dection uses Xradar (dual-beam radar) which delivers near X-ray accuracy, instantly and without X-ray's limitations and hazards. For concrete knowledge that is clear and concise - instant and affordable - nothing beats our Xradar technology. It takes the right equipment and a skilled Technician. With Radex Detection you can rest assured that you will have both.

Xradar detects and identifies conduits that are invisible to conventional GPR. By using Radex Detection you cut out the guessing and receive results you can be confident of. Overall benefits of our Xradar services include:

  • Dramatically reduces the chance of error;
  • Allows measurement of rebar size;
  • Distinguishes rebar from conduits and cables;
  • Detects conduits hidden under bars and wire mesh; and
  • Greatly reduces the chances of work-site injury caused by cutting hidden objects

The cost of inaccuracy

In any project it is important to keep costs under control. If a conduit is missed in a GPR scan and cut as a result, repairs rarely cost less than $1000 and can be much higher than that. With an industry average accuracy of only 75%, conventional GPR leaves you exposed to significant risks for unexpected costs for repairs on damages incurred as a result of objects missed by a scan.

By using our experts, equipped with Xradar and its 98% accuracy, you can be confident that your costs will stay under control.


Radex Detection has more than 35 years combined of experience in the field of GPR. We have published many articles in scientific journals and presented at many conferences. Below is an example of some of our publishings.


Radex Detection uses only the highest quality equipment available on the market which includes:

GSSI GPR equipment

- GSSI StructureScan SIR-3000 and SIR-4000 control units

- GSSI StructureScan SIR-20

- GSSI StructureScan Mini

*Radex also uses Radiodetection equipment for our underground locating services. 

AVAILABLE Antenna Frequencies

- 400 MHz

- 900 MHz

- 1000 MHz

- 1500 MHz

- 1600 MHz

- 2000 MHz

- 2600 MHz

-2.7 GHz



Sir 4000 & 2.0 GHz Palm Antenna

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