Other services

3D Modelling of Radex Xradar™ Scan Zones for CAD/Spacial Viewing

Radex offers accurate 3D imaging services (LIDAR) that allow you to remotely view any construction site in 3D. This technology allows engineers and designers to formulate ideas and evaluate designs, either remotely or before demolition and design around our Radex Xradar™ onsite scan markings. Our modeling services help keep project costs low and teams can efficiently design raw spaces around identified structural slab components from our Xradar™ scanning (i.e. beams & columns). As part of this pre-design approach, all Radex Xradar™ scan markings are left on the concrete surface which is then photographed in order to be modeled in 3D. Our models are assembled to create complete and immersive 3D models that can be commented on, shared and exported to programs such as Autodesk, ReCap or Revit.

Another key benefit of Radex’s 3D modelling services is that structural drawings (including conduit runs) can be created for concrete structures whereby no plans exist and the concrete sections to be modified (cut/drilled) are not yet known.

GPS Services

The GPS satellite positioning system is an indispensable tool for large area mapping. GPS makes it possible to generate very precise cartographic data. The GPS data collection technique is significantly faster than traditional mapping methods because it reduces equipment and labor requirements.

At Radex, we use a portable GPS system to collect topographic information to accurately map and model the physical world, whether it's for bridges, roadways, buildings, utility lines or other resources from various sites. Using GPS coordinates, we can produce results and plans, on AutoCAD, within a few centimeters tolerance, thus allowing customers to obtain very reliable results in a short time period !


Infrared Imaging

Thermal imaging can be used for many things. At Radex, we use the combined thermal imaging with our Xradar™ concrete detection to detect certain types of ducts (including heating and cooling). Thus, we provide our customers with unparalleled service by using the best equipment available on the market !