Concrete Corrosion Mapping

Self developed by Radex, we offer an innovative approach utilizing computer-assisted Xradar image analysis. Our processes have greatly improved both the accuracy and speed of corrosion mapping in concrete.

Computer-assisted image analysis of our Xradar data is a new method for processing and determining corrosion of concrete. Using our proprietary software, our geo-science’s team can detect corrosion in large structures using multiple criteria for mapping.

Data collection can be carried out on a variety of concrete sources, including asphalt-covered concrete, road ways, runways, bridges and car parks with assessment results overlaid onto existing drawings.

Benefits of our Xradar Corrosion Mapping Include:

  • A spatially referenced drawing detailing corroded concrete zones, produced in a short time frame
  • Quantifiably evaluate the corrosion state of both top and/or bottom reinforcement in a concrete structure
  • Proven results and speed to market, eliminating the need for older, less efficient techniques such as chain dragging and half cell potential
  • No need for lane closures on road structures. Fast data collection using our custom Xradar system
  • Create reinforcement cover and asphalt thickness maps