Void & Crack Detection

Subsurface voids are gaps within or below concrete slabs and are a great concern for engineers and property owners.

Voids can be caused by a number of factors, but typically it is related to substandard concrete construction, leaking or broken utilities, poor compaction of the subgrade, or poor drainage of the subgrade.

Utilizing Radex’s Xradar concrete scanning methods, we are able to accurately locate and map the presence of voids in a non-destructive way. Highlighting the exact location and allowing you to take the necessary measures to repair the concrete slab.

Radex’s void mapping services can be undertaken on a myriad of different concrete structures.

Voids are typically caused by:

  • Substandard concrete construction
  • Leaking and broken utilities
  • Poor compaction of the subgrade
  • Poor drainage of the subgrade

Voids are commonly found in:

  • In large concrete slabs
  • Below roadways and bridges
  • Within block wall